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Benefits of Multicultural Churches

Church is a house of prayer where everyone should be welcomed in without any discrimination on his gender, tribe, race or age . There are so many benefits that come from having a multicultural churches that are church that everyone is free to walk in and get what he was looking for .

Below are the reasons why multicultural churches are better. The aspect of learning from each other’s comes when someone from one culture may being something new that others don’t practice for the glory of God. You might with a lot of people some of them you won’t have ever met them in your entire life and they may end up impacting your life in a positive way .

Being in multicultural churches help you to know so many new things that you never knew before, Just like the body of Christ that comprise many different parts that have different functions to do it even when to comes to churches. The purpose of multicultural churches to give people that expel[sure of having to know beyond what they have lived to see in their entire lives .

The aspect is that you have to love that person beyond what human being can define. Being a genuine Christian who is ready to live as per the command of God you must be willing to love everyone since in the Christ eyes of the lord all people are equal. Pride is one the things that can lead you not to love another person just because you don’t share similarities and this is not right .

Whether you come from which race, tribe, status, or age you need to be humble so that the power of God can reign in you. Being able to relate with others well needs someone to go beyond his comfort zones so that he may able to integrate well with them .

This can be achieved through cultivating the seed of diversity whereby people are able to see beyond their consumers so that people can able to lay down the cultural and ethical price and focus on serving God. When you will have you will help a person not because he belongs to your race but you will be fair enough he is your fellow human being . It’s not hard to live a life that will impact both people and God .

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